ADE7953 and Vrms values

Discussion created by michelelos on Jun 15, 2016
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Hi all,


I'm working on a circuit with ADE7953 with I2C bus, I'm using a 0.02 ohms shunt to measure currents.

Some times ago I received some help from Dlath and others and I resolved many problems on my design.

Now I'm communicating with the device but I have some problems.


For example, when i read the Vrms register (0x21C) the value returned is not constant as I expect.

It is changing continously and I don't understand why!


I have one doubt about my design (again!):



My doubt is about the VN and VP pin connections.

This is my configuration:

VP is connected via a 1M resistor to the neutral line and a RC filter to HGND (phase);

VN is simply connected to an RC filter to HGND (phase).


Now the doubt: maybe I need to connect VN directly to HGND (phase) ? But in this case I should remove the RC filter.


What do you think about it?