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Zero-Scale Error of DAC

Question asked by diverger on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2016 by msamera

I find some DACs from ADI specified their Zero-Scale Error, such as AD5761, but some not, such as AD5543. I've noticed AD5761 is a voltage output DAC, but AD5543 is a current ouput DAC. So I think the external OP may play important role at this aspect when using a current output DAC. So, I've two questions


  1. Can you give some simple methods to estimate the zero-scale error when using current output DAC with a given OP?
  2. AD5761 specified an absolute zero-scale-error in mVs, but not in percentage of full scale. From the structure of the output DAC, I infer to that this value should be independent from the external reference and the supply voltage, right?