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Detection of component format in ADV7842

Question asked by TAO_2199 on Jun 15, 2016
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Regarding to the input detection of component format(YPbPr) in ADV7842, I have some questions.


1) In case of SDP mode, we should use SDP_STATUS registers(IOMAP addr:0x9C-0xA0).

In case of CP mode, we should use CP_LOCK_RAW register(IOMAP addr:0x42).

Our understanding is correct?


2) About SDP_VIDEO_DETECTED_RAW(IOMAP addr:0x9c[0]) and


What is the difference point  between each behavior of the register?

We think that SDP_VIDEO_DETECTED_ST flag register will be based on AFE interrupt.


3) According to H/W manual(UG-214:page479-480)

We guess that ADI will recommend SDP_VIDEO_DETECTED_ST register at detection of component format in SDP mode.

If SDP_VIDEO_DETECTED_RAW is used for detection in SDP mode, is there any problem or concern point?