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AD7794 time required between channel and internal temperature sensor

Question asked by PhanKP on Jun 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by jcolao

Hi All,

My application is required to switch  between channel 1 and AD7794 internal temperature sensor.


channel 1 is AIN1(+) – AIN1(–) is configured as gain = 1, buffer on, unipolar mode; external reference applied between REFIN1(+) and REFIN1(–) is reference source for the ADC.


follow by internal temperature sensor

gain = 1, buffer on, bipolar mode, by default internal voltage refer 1.17


My question is what is the minimum switching time between channel 1 and internal temperature sensor, and where I can find the relevant document ?? (what I can achieve now is 25 mili second delay switching, however it is too long for my application)


Thank you