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Relationship of ADAS3203 Input voltage and Digitial Code

Question asked by Alex_Sun on Jun 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by jcolao

The following is the relationship of ADAS3203 input voltage and digitial code of my mind:


For the positive(using ±10.24 Range and exclude the signal bit):

1.The max input voltage can not reach 10.24V, The max is 10.24V*32767/32768, Is this right?

2.The relationship of others for the positive input voltage is : Digitial Code = Vin/LSB = Vin/(10.24/32768),Is this right?


For the negative(I'm confused):


The relationship I guss : Digitial Code = (Vin(neg) + 10.24)/LSB = (Vin(neg) + 10.24)/(10.24/32768), I'm infer this  according to  -FSR+LSB is -10.24*32767/32768 and -FSR is -10.24V. If this inference is right, so the -10.24/32768 msut be 0xFFFE, but it's 0xFFFF in the it sames 1 LSB has been lost. So can you give me an equation for the negative input voltage and the digitial code.




this table is obtained by Table 6 in ADAS3203 datasheet.