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BlackFin 537 fails in debug but runs when flashed

Question asked by MrChampagne on Jun 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2016 by Kader.M

At a high level, the project compiles (with 1 warning, see below) and runs successfully on TinyBoard CM-BF537 when flashed, BUT won't allow trace in debug mode.



After a build, Linker provides a warning:


Li2131: .\*project*.ldf: 501 Input sections of incompatible init qualifier detected in the output section 'sdram_no_init'. For more details see linker_log.xml.


Of course, Linker_log.xml only repeats the warning without further details.


The project builds successfully then loads completely. The project runs into an infinite loop (most likely an exception handler, which? ) starting at address 0xEF0000E0 and ending at a JMP at location 0xEF000110.


Note in the Console window states core fault dectected at address 0xFFA00676. Attempting to reset processor.


The instruction at this address is SSYNC inside of 'nextcheck' function.


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This behavior is suspicious bc when I use the Flash Tool. The code loads successfully and runs completely into user code. This is evident from status LED's lighting on the custom board.

Any ideas as to the cause of this behavior?