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FMCommS4 clocking

Question asked by yaidomcor on Jun 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by sripad

Hello everybody:

I have a question about FMCommS4 board clocking.

The datasheet of the AD9364 says:

The AD9364 operates using a reference clock that can be provided by two different sources. The first option is to use a dedicated crystal with a frequency between 19 MHz and 50 MHz connected between the XTALP and XTALN pins. The second option is to connect an external oscillator or clock distribution device to the XTALN pin (with the XTALP pin remaining unconnected). If an external oscillator is used, the frequency can vary between 10 MHz and 80 MHz.


My question is:

In the FMCommS4 board, where XTALP pin is permanently connected to a 40 MHz oscillator, what's happen if I want to connect an external oscillator? Must we make a hardware change?


Thank you very much.