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AD627 Common Mode Range calculator page

Question asked by eric.peronnin on Jun 11, 2016
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I'm working on a weight measurement connected device.

I use an AD627 powered at 5v in single supply (final project will be powered with 3AAA).

The strain gauge is a full bridge (1k ohm for each resistor witch give a differential voltage for about 1mV/V at full scale) and I put the middle points of each half bridge in the AD627 inputs. The result is a 2.5v common mode voltage and a differential mode around mV.

My RG resistor is a 220 ohm. Important : I put 0v to VREF.

The receiving box on the strain gauge provide a differential input voltage of 0.9mV.


In summary, we have Vref = 0 ; Vcm = 2.5v ; Vdiff = 0.0009v ; Vcc = 5v ; Rg=0.2k

In this conditions, the calculator page (Instrumentation Amplifiers : AD627 Common-Mode Range / Gain Calculator | Design Center | Analog Devices) return an Out of range most of the time for my Vdiff comprise in [0.9mV ; 5.3mV]

However, my AD627 give me an output voltage ranging from close to 0V to a close to 5v (which is coherent for a rail to rail OpAmp). My weight system is very good in term of linearity and it cover the range I was looking for.


Then, is there somebody to give me an explanation about the 3.5V limitation for each OpAmp taken by this calculator page ?


Thanks for every coming help.