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adau1361 no sound if i turn on ALC

Question asked by @lex_dev on Jun 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2016 by @lex_dev

Hi all. I have a working design (mic + adau1361 + mcu). MIC connected to RINN, RINP pins in a differential mode. While ALC stays turned off everything is ok, but then i turn it on, there is no sound at all. My register settings are the follows:

R0 = 0x01;

R6 = 0x01;

R7 = 0x08;

R9 = 0x43;

R10 = 0x0D;

R11 = 0x31;

R12 = 0x39;

R13 = 0x26;

R14 = 0xFC;

R16 = 0x20;

R19 = 0x22;

Other registers are in their default state.

What can be wrong here? Thanks for help in advance.

Regards, Alex