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problem with AD9959 functionality

Question asked by Radwan on Jun 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by mcee


I designed my first board using AD9959 and benifiting of  the evalution board from Analog Deices. It didn't work at all!!!

I assembled another board (same design), unfortuantly, half of the circuit did not work at all (right side of the IC pins 29-42); no output at Ch0 or Ch1 and I couldn’t use the profile pins p0,p1,p2.

I redesigened another board with some trivial modifications; I had another kind of problem. I could output signal at all channel outputs, but I could not use the profile pins P3 & P4; they are stacked to "one" even when the input is "zero".

I think all the ICs ad9959 I used have certain fabrication faults (they are imported from China).

Did anybody encounter such problems?

Any explinations or remarks are highly welcomed.