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FIR filters in SS4SH

Question asked by Jimi on Jun 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by Madhuri


for my project I would like to use combination of long FIR filters. I am new here and my knowledge regarding DSP programming is no high, so I am starting to develop my prototype on SS4SH + 21469 development kit. I have several questions regarding FIR lenght limits. My current results ( and settings ) are :

SS4SH_FIR filters.jpg

1) Is it possible to increase sum of IR lenghts over 18 000 with no crackling ( some better setting ) ?

2) is it some easy way to design own FIR module for IR lenght more, than 10000 ? I increased FIR Filter lenght from SHARC Audio Toolbox using Algorithm Designer ( original was limited to 1024 ), but result is poor - it starts crackling on 9100 steps if no other modules used ( compilation table : 3048 , 37148, 39188 ). So I can say - it´s power is 1/2 of Single Precision FIR module - any idea why?

3) Is it exist some convolution module (reverb ) for SS4SH ( third-party ) which I can buy ?

4) Exists some warnings I need to know, if I will start to develop my own convolution module ( of course - I know, it is not easy ) ? Is it some other user(s), which is able to cooperate with me to develop such module ?


Thank you for any comments