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AD9914 Frequency Jump

Question asked by bselamlar on Jun 10, 2016
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Hi. I am using AD9914 DDS. I use it on DRG mode for frequency sweep. Normally it works fine. I load Digital Ramp limits, DWELL's and step. It sweep from my start freq to stop freq. I want to use frequency jumping mode. I enable it from CFR2. And additional I load Jump limits. It work but there is a problem. My jump upper limit not work exactly. For examle



Start = 500MHz

Stop = 1000MHz

JumpLoweLimit = 750MHz;

JumpUpperLimit = 800MHz;

DRG Enable, Frequency mode, NoDwellLow = 0, NoDWellHi = 1



When I load this data to DDS ,



It start from 500MHz and sweep to 750MHz and start again from 900, stop to 1000.



Normally I hope that It start from 500, stop to 750 and start again 800, stop to 1000.



What is the problem?