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Bootloader pin status ADuCM361

Question asked by dorian on Jun 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by ABuda

Hello guys

i had to learn that the output status of the digital I/O's of my µC are high when there is no program in Flash (first boot) or the µC is in Bootloader status. Can someone tell me if they are hi-Z or driven high? I can pull them down with a 5-10 K resistor, so for me its not hi-Z (because with a  50k i couldnt bring them down) but i guess also not driven high (because with a  5k it shouldn't go down). So i guess it pulled up internally. I'm a little bit lost and couldnt find anything about it in the Hardware User Guide or google. Can someone tell me where i can find some information about it?

I'm really interestet in the case of no program (new device) and bootloader state.
I guess there is no way to change the default status, am i right? Specially at first boot.


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