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AD9280 REF range under AD876 mode

Question asked by ahata Employee on Jun 9, 2016
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A customer wants to use AD9280 under AD876 mode for the replacement.

  • REFTF - REFTS: short
  • REFBF - REFBS: short


When customer applied 1.5V to REFTF and GND to REFBF, he found a mid point of 2V.

that means that the mid point should be 0.75V (1.5/2 V), but he found that the MLB was changed when 2V is applied from Vin. The parts works as if the VREF FS would be 4V.


I have 2 questions;


1. Is the behavior my customer has seen the normal?

2. I think AD9280 seems to have a character like Fig 17 on AD876 DS. Does it have such a limitation?


Could you give me your advice?



Best regards,

Akihiko Hata