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ADSP-21489 connect issue

Question asked by Youri.K on Jul 25, 2011
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Unfortunately, discussion “ADSP-21469 connect issue” is closed, but everything happens exactly as described Fixation (post Dec 21, 2010 4:38 AM) and cristiano (post Dec 21, 2010 4:38 AM).


I build custom board that use the engineer sample ADSP-21489BSWZ-BX and I have exactly the same problem as the original poster (see discussion mentioned). On the board are only DC/DC (1,1V for VDDINT), JTAG header, RESET generator and 50MHz oscillator, connected to CLKIN. XTAL is left floated. JTAG traces are very short, less than 3 cm. JTAG portion of shcematics is in attachment.

Bus request and NMI inputs is not present.

HPUSB-ICE working properly, it is checked on the Blackfin Ez-KIT.

I use VDSP 5 upgrade 9 Test Drive for SHARC.


I do not understand the following. Why ICE test pass from VDSP Configurator, but fails from IDDE ? The corresponding images are attached to the post. I would like to note: from Configurator test pass even at a JTAG CLK frequency of 35 MHz. However, testing from the IDDE shell has failed even at a 10 MHz..


By the way, I have another PCB, which differs only by the processor ADSP-21369KSWZ-5A. So, With this PCB I see  the same problem..


Can anyone help me?