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HMCAD1520 no allowed to be sold in or shipped to China?

Question asked by henry-rps on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2016 by LauraB

My name is Henry and I’m from Radar Portal System Pty Ltd located in AUS.


I currently issue with integrating Hittite ADC HMCAD1520 in china.


Design are done in Australia and integration of our product are done in china but end product will be sold in Australia.

I was informed by my electronics integrator in China that they cannot sell or ship HMCAD1520 in China.


These were the exact words from my integrator (PCBCART) via email:


“HMCAD1520, this part is not allowed to be sold and shipped to China, so we are not able to find this part in China and could not buy and bring it to China.”


I am unsure the reason behind the restriction to china as this is only a ADC.


Is it possible for the part to be shipped and assembled in china and ship the end product back to Australia with tracking of the part?