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Gyroscope values unreliable past certain angular rate (ADIS16488)

Question asked by MAGA on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2016 by NevadaMark

Hello Mark, all,

I've been having trouble getting readings from the gyroscopes on the ADIS16488. Any value above 130 degrees/s seems to be random (negative or very small).

My application is not collecting data synchronously with the sensor i.e. the data ready line isn't being used to drive an interrupt. I'm not using any filters or scaling coefficient (for now).

I'm interpreting the data with a 32 bit integer once pulled from the sensor's registers, which is done at around 110 Hz. The tests we've performed were done side-by side to an old IMU which we want to switch for the ADIS16488. As rotational speed increases the old IMU would output the right angular rate however the ADIS16488, for each axis, would output reliable values until a certain cutoff values of approximatively 130 degrees /second. Then the values would be either negative or null (no clear pattern).

Have any suggestions ? I know the correct way to use the sensor would be to use the data ready function but we are quite limited on GPIO lines. Could it affect the data in this way? Trying to interpret the weird data we are getting.