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ADuC834 ULOAD bootloader compatible to embedded kernel

Question asked by sebastian.held on Jul 25, 2011
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I'm searching for a method to reprogramm a ADuC834, without opening the device (to pull -PSEN low).

The best thing would be to branch into the embedded kernel. uC007 application note states this is impossible (why?).


The next best thing whould be to implement a ULOAD mode bootloader which understands the same commands as the embedded kernel, to be able to use the WSD application.

uC007 implements a different command set (which is not really a problem), but the provided host application requires a labview runtime (this is a problem).


My questions: Is a jump into the embedded kernel really impossible? Is there a bootloader compatible to WSD or is there an application not requiring Labview?


Kind regards,

Sebastian Held