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Program springs to IRQ0_FIQ_SOURCE

Question asked by vnntech on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2016 by barryzhang

Hello everyone,

in which case the program springs to IRQ0_FIQ_SOURCE Interrupt handler? I used ADUC7061, IAR ARM.

The ADUC is configured for nested Interrupt vector. ADC and Timer0 Interrupts have  low priority 7. XIRQ0 has priority 3. Timer1 has priority 1. UART has high priority 0. I2C Master to face I2C eeprom has priority 5. All Interrupts are IRQ

nested. NoFIQ interrupts are are enable.

I observed that, program always spring to IRQ0_FIQ_SOURCE if I used high I2C Baudrate I2CDIV = 0x1212.

If I set I2CDIV = 0x1F1F or more to reduce I2C Baudrate program runs without Problem.

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