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Here we are attaching the bridge circuit as shown in figure:1 and the ratiometric measurement system using AD 7708 as shown in figure:2.We have checked the hardware for the ratiometric measurement as shown in the figure:2 schematic and separately for the

Question asked by N_analog16 on Jun 8, 2016
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We have captured the digital data from the ADC (AD7708) for 1V and got the corresponding results. When we gave bridge output to instrumentation amplifier and then amplifier output to ADC, got output corresponding to 1V and when we connect bridge output to ADC (AD7708) then we are not getting results corresponding to 1V.Here, the block diagram for the connection is attached. Figure: 1 represents the ADC with instrumentation amplifier connected to bridge output and Figure: 2 represents the ADC connected to bridge output.These figures are from sencond attachment.