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How to handle ADT7302 from the user space C application? I'm currently developing the SPI application for Linux to read the temp. reading

Question asked by bhoomil on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by bhoomil

Currently myself working with ADT7302 SPI sensor for monitoring temperature.


For that I have connect the sensor to Galileo board or Minnowboard MAX which are running Linux OS.

I'm not getting any kind of reading from the MISO line instead I got 0xFF always.


Now my question is how can I access through standard SPI ioctl syscall and SPI_IOC_MESSAGE macro.

Is the ADT7302 is partially read only sensor ? because from the data sheet I don't understand the how the sensor is perform communication to master. there are no any internal register like control register are provided at all.


I didn't found any kind of documents or code from the Google. So I think you are the only one person to giving me an answer because after all you were develop the driver for the same.