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How to connect AD8283CP-EBZ with EVAL-RADAR-MMIC board ?

Question asked by naviersdr on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2016 by krisf

Hello, I read Evaluating the AD8283 and AD8285 Evaluation Boards [Analog Devices Wiki]

And, I have AD8283CP-EBZ and HSC-ADC-EVALCZ.

Below is HSC-ADC-EVALCZ link.

HSC-ADC-EVALCZ Evaluation Board | Analog Devices

And I see page 3 of

However I can't understand how to interface with EVAL-RADAR-MMIC Board with AD8283CP-EBZ.


AD8283 wiki page say it has easy interface with EVAL-RADAR-MMIC Board.

How to connect it ?

I don't know it so I have some afraid to buy it.

Please explain it to help me.