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AD5592: SPI Interface Format: nSYNC, SDO

Question asked by Patch-3153 on Jun 8, 2016
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Hi AD,


We are using an AD5592RBRUZ (TSSOP-16) to provide an integrated ADC and DAC function and wanted to confirm the following aspects of its SPI interface:


1. Is an internal pull up provided for the nSYNC pin (#2) - the Data Sheet is silent, but our assumption is that no internal pull up is provided?


2. Is the SDO pin (#9) tri-stated (high impedance) when the nSYNC pin (#2) is in a High (Inactive) state - the Data Sheet (page 6) suggests the SDO pin has a Floating State consistent with a tri-state output format and our assumption is that a tri-state function is implemented?


Thank you for your follow up and guidance on these questions.


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