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LTE end-to-end transmission

Question asked by on Jun 7, 2016
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we are now proceeding with an E2E LTE transmission using two FMCOMMS5 and two ZC706 Xilinx boards. We have achieved to transmit and receive a sequence of 8192 samples of the LTE waveform and we would like now to have a real-time LTE baseband aggregated on the processors that produce LTE waveforms, i.e. LTE frames continuously per 10ms, where one subframe is 1ms.

A part of this discussion was taken place here: where you directed us to a multiple transfer solution provided by you for the adc_core (Rx side) only.

The first question is whether this task can be completed much easier, for example:

- to use a for loop to transmit the LTE I and Q samples per subframe (through the Xil_Out32) in dac_core 

- to use a for loop to call adc_capture and then to invalidate the cache (through the Xil_DCacheInvalidateRange) in main.c so that we can receive the subframes from the memory continuously, emptying the memory per loop and so on.

Please advice, if there is any easier way to provide streaming of the data from one machine to another.