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AD9520 clocking AD9910 single ended input

Question asked by msngupta on Jun 7, 2016
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I have few AD9910 evaluation boards, whose clock I want to synchronize by providing external clock reference. According to the data sheet and the reference circuit (CN0121 Circuit Note | Analog Devices) this clock distribution can be done using AD9520. But the AD9910 evaluation board has single ended input for the REF Clock and AD9520 has only LVPECL clock outputs (for 1 GHz) which are differential. My doubt is that how the conversion from differential LVPECL to single ended clock is done?

Do, I need to use some balun transformers to convert LVPECL to single ended (which is inturn converted to differential on the AD9910 evaluation board)? Any clue in this regard is highly helpful.