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Problem running EVAL-AD7172-2SDZ software

Question asked by Sam64 on Jun 7, 2016
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I am trying to run the software that comes with this evaluation board on a company computer with Windows 7 32 bit OS. When I turn it on, it freezes around the taskbar for a few minutes and then crashes with this error:


EVAL-AD7172-2SDZ encountered a problem and needs to close

Exception: unknown (0xC06D007E) at eip=0x749BC54F


A local copy of the error report was saved at this location: LabVIEW data folder


Report ID: 69761c3e-91e9-42cd-af10-a53494d09617



I tried installing it on my personal laptop (also W7 32bit) and it works fine.


I wanted to ask for the exact prerequisites for this software. The OS on our company PCs is custom update-wise, and I'm not sure what collides with this software.


Thank you.