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A problem with AD-FMCDAQ2-EBZ FMC Board

Question asked by Xu-Kevin on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by Xu-Kevin


I have some confusion when follow AD-FMCDAQ2-EBZ Microblaze Quick Start Guide at the address  . My FPGA carrier borad is KC705. I use the Xilinx XMD command console to loading the design in Linux. And my computer shows that as follows,it is same with the user-guide .


then ,the IP address printed on the KC705 LCD display. Before that, I connected OUT_A to IN_A, OUT_B to IN_B of AD-FMCDAQ2-EBZ FMC Board.


then I use the software  IIO Oscilloscope to connect the device by entering the IP address.


But it can only identify AD9523 and AD9144 , not AD9680. Then I load profile of AD-FMCDAQ2-EBZ in the software .It prompts the same problem about AD9680


My question is that ,Has AD-FMCDAQ2-EBZ FMC Board been damaged or did I have a problem during operation?

Thank you !