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Access to ADuC7023 Mutipel JTAG?

Question asked by yangjiguang on Jun 7, 2016
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As is known that there are two JTAG “devices” visible on the scan-chain WITHIN the ADUC7023 package.

One is the ARM7TDMI-S, the other is an internal device which is not externally documented.


I'm doing JTAG debug, bit bang it with another micro.

I find out that the JTAG IR register length is 5 after reset.

And i could only read out ARM core Id 0x4F1F0F0F with Instrution 0x10,

and system level tap id 0x028011CB with instruction 0x01.


Could someone tell me how other instructions to manipulate with the ADI System TAP.

I need to debug  ARM7TDMI-S and access to ScanChain1.


Apprieciate for your help!