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About ADN8834 boost output current

Question asked by OldM on Jun 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2016 by ytu

I need drive a TEC device (inside of a LASER module) with almost 2 Amps.

I need to know if my analysis about the OUTPUT STAGES of the ADN8834 device are correct.

I don't see any possibility (by external circuit such as Mosfet Driver) of to boost the output current (> 1.5 Amps) to the TEC device, except with a very complicated solution.


According the Block Diagram of ADN8834 (Thermoelectric Controller chip), ; there are two sections inside of the chip, "TEC DRIVER LINEAR STAGE" and "PWM POWER STAGE", and there is a  voltage monitoring via SFB and LDR pins. According Data Sheet, there are many constrains involved on the Output Voltage VDLR, VSFB and the selection of the Inductor then, in a general approach, I can't see how the system stability can be sustained.


adn8834 block diagram.jpg


Thanks in advance.