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AD9361 Fast AGC using EN_AGC pin doesn't always go to max gain

Question asked by omek on Jun 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by Vinod

My question is in reference to using the Fast AGC and the EN_AGC line. We are receiving multiple bursts and before the start of each burst we pull the EN_AGC line high to reset the AGC algorithm. We have the AD9361 set up to go to max gain each time. The AGC always comes unlocked when we pull the EN_AGC line high, but sometimes it goes to max gain and sometimes it just unlocks at the previous gain setting and starts from there. I'm looking for some explanation for this behavior.


We are using the software driver provided by Analog devices. Here are some pertinent register settings.

reg 0x14 = 0x11

reg 0xFB = 0x48

reg 0x110 = 0x0A

reg 0x111 = 0x2E

reg 0x115 = 0x80