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Using adi_osal.h to develop OS project

Question asked by 4tunato on Jun 6, 2016
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for my new project i want to start developing using adi_osal.h



and for now link to VDK while in second time migrate to other RTOS



probably ucOS.



Actually i found few help on your documentation.



I have understood that in main i have as usual call






After that fill the structure ADI_OSAL_CONFIG *pConfig and call






In particular can you explain me the meaning of each fields and typicals



value i.e.



typedef struct __AdiOsalConfig


    ADI_OSAL_PRIO_INHERIT_OPTION    eEnablePrioInherit;             /* set priority inheritance initialization option */

    uint32_t                        nNumTLSSlots;                   /* number of TLS allocated (for each thread) */

    uint32_t                        nSysTimerPeriodInUsec;          /* indicate the system tick period in microseconds */

    void                            *pHeap;                         /* pointer to a memory location to use as a heap (4-bytes aligned) */

    uint32_t                        nHeapSizeBytes;                 /* size of the Heap in bytes */




What is the priority inheritance?



what is TLS and what is its value



Where do i find pHeap? in linker file?



Then i understood i have to create at least the starting thread as the last function



to call adi_osal_OSStart needs the starting thread. is it correct?



Do i miss any step?



Can you give me a link or sample project to find information?