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AD8232 in Heart Rate Measurement next to heart configuration

Question asked by beingmachine on Jun 5, 2016

Hello everybody,
I was trying to make a Heart rate monitoring system for one of my home made sports project, I'm using Ad8232 Breakout board from Sparkfun electronics ,This comes with the Three leads configuration mode, I was trying to make this in Two leads configuration mode same as shown in the Datasheet section of AD8232 in Application NOTE : Heart Rate measurement next to heart, I've also tweak down the components like removing the unwanted resistors and capacitors plus adding the jumpers to the Break out board while understanding the schematics from the datasheet. (Please look to the attachment for the schematics I'm using for my project)


AD8232 is able to capture only a little amount of signal (i can barely see the light blinking on the board) from my heart using Two electrodes (Eliminating Right Leg Drive Electrode) can anybody expert here spot my fault and tell me what to configure .
Please help.

Have a good day