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ADL5304 VLOG output range

Question asked by ricky on Jun 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by jdobler

Hi All,


One of my customer has another question about output voltage range of ADL534.

His circuit is similar to the Fig 55 in the Data Sheet page 25.

Only one difference is that its cathode terminal of the photo diode is connected to +2V instead of IMON terminal.

The VLOG scaling option in Table 4 in page 23 is option 4 in his circuit.

With this circuit, the output voltage range of VLOG terminal is around 0 to +4V, he said. The Data Sheet says that the output range is Vpos-0.2. Vpos is +5V in his circuit. It means that the voltage range should be 0 to 4.8V, however limited to around +4V in his circuit.

He tried to control current of IDEN terminal by using externally connected resister and volume, however the VLOG voltage range still 0 to +4V.

His expectation is the voltage range specified in the Data Sheet.

Could you advise us about what his circuit and/or test condition wrong is?


Thank you for your help,