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ADAU1452 T-Connection, Readback, Level Detector

Question asked by robinhd on Jun 3, 2016
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Hello guys,


I have noticed a strange behavior of the T-Connection in combination with DSP readback within my ADAU1452 project. My intension was to read the current signal amplitude of multiple channels with DSP readback blocks over SPI as burst read. Everything works well excerpt the displayed levels are not the same even when fed from the same T-Connection.


Then I´ve tested within a blank project with the same behavior. Please find the project in attachment and here´s the screenshot:


It is not only the current signal amplitude that is varying, but also the RMS value (level detector on the bottom shows -6dB, whereas the two above show -3dB)


Is there any method to fix that problem?


Thanks in advance! :-)