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FMC_HPC on ZC706

Question asked by keklaquoi on Jun 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by keklaquoi

Hello !


I'm using a ZC706 board, and I had a FMCOMMS1 board plugged on the FMC_LPC port. Unfortunately, It seems that a pin is broken on this port, and I would like to try running my demo using the FMC_HPC port.


To do so, I changed my UCF file, and tried to set the FMC_HPC ont the software "XCOMM_DefaultInit defInit = {FMC_HPC". But it doesn't work.


I've read that on a post that putting "ps7Interface" variable to "1" in "XCOMM_InitI2C" function, would allow me to use the HPC port. But it doesn't work as well.


I tried also modifing the software code, but with no luck...


I've also read on another post (for the ML605 board), that the HPC port was a slave, and it needed a board plugged on the LPC port to work. Is it the same thing for the ZC706 ?


My initialization always fail at the "XCOMM_InitI2C" function call.


What modifications need to be done in the software to use two FMCOMMS1 cards on the FMC_HPC port of the ZC706 board?


Thank you in advance for your help,


Best regards,