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ADP5054 design using ADP505x_BuckDesigner

Question asked by aml_ad on Jun 3, 2016
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Currently I'm considering ADP5054 device to supply certain FPGAs. I've used ADP505x_BuckDesigner for that purposw with the following criteria:

- Ch1 and Ch2 in parallel,

- Ch3 and Ch4 separated.

- All channels are supplied with the same rail. In this case with Vin =12V.

After its results , ADP505x_BuckDesigner shows that Ren11 and Ren13 are short out while Ren12 and Ren14 are not used. Does it mean that Ren11 and Ren13 are tied to Vin?



According to ADP5054 datasheet , it is stated the following regarding ENx pins:  Enable Input for Channel x. Use an external resistor divider to set the turn-on threshold.

In case, I don't need turn-on threshold.  So, What should I consider for my design? I mean if I set EN pins are obtained from ADP505x_BuckDesigner or if I set EN to Vin voltage.


Thank you in adance.