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DE2-115 Altera and Proper ADC interface

Question asked by rebk on Jun 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by DragosB

Dear all

I am a university student. I have to connect an ADC to my DE2-115 Altera development board.

First problem is, finding a proper ADC for my research but my Analog signal is a kind of special. Low frequency and very low duty cycle as frequency is 10 Hz and only 40 to 200 ns duty cycle (means 100 ms pulse with only 40 to 200 ns duty cycle). Therefore I need a fast ADC to could catch this narrow duty cycle. In the other hand, ADCs with high sampling rate do not work with low frequencies like as 10 Hz! Can you help me and give me an idea to solve this problem!

2nd problem: I have bought a DEV-ADC34j22 module without notice that it is designed for Cyclone V GT and now I have DE2-115 Altera! I am hoping for some modification like as pin assignment for its HSMC to use it for DE2-115 board! Is it possible! Can you suggest me some alternative ADC for mentioned converting !

Thank you so much.