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Can't change codec sample rate on BF518 EZ board

Question asked by DBoettger on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by stevek

I'm running the example program AudioLoopback on the BF518 EZ board.  The original program compiles, links, loads, and runs normally using the SSM2603 codec's default sample rate setting of 44,100 samples/sec.


However, when I change the line of code that sets the sample rate to a different value, nothing changes.  The codec is still sampling at the higher rate.  I changed this line of code:

    Result = adi_ssm2603_SetSamplingRate(hSSM2603, ADI_SSM2603_44100_SR, ADI_SSM2603_44100_SR, ADI_SSM2603_12_0000_MCLK);

to this:

    Result = adi_ssm2603_SetSamplingRate(hSSM2603, ADI_SSM2603_08000_SR, ADI_SSM2603_08000_SR, ADI_SSM2603_12_0000_MCLK);

Again, the code compiles and runs without error but the sample rate remains at 44100.  Actually, the measured sample rate is more like 46,700 regardless of the arguments to the function call.  I have done a clean and rebuild, power cycled the EZ board and ICE, but no change.


Any help would be appreciated!