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AD9578 Dev board problem

Question asked by cosmolittle on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by cosmolittle

I have now purchased the development board, and are having problems with the 49.152MHz crystal oscillator. It seems that this is not starting on power up. Enabling the reference output, and examining the waveform shows a random series of pulses and noise . The approx frequency is 500kHz. The reference output is set to LVPECL. Output 1 is set to 100MHz LVPECL. There is some sort of output on this , with very high phase noise. The lock indicator on the GUI is not on.


Touching the xtal pins results in proper oscillation with a stable output, and PLL1 locks.


      Is this a problem with the xtal gain and capacitance settings?  Can the evaluation software be used to change these?




Cosmo Little