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How to connect 2 ADV7611  in the same board ?

Question asked by Léo.L on Jun 2, 2016
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I'm using the ADV7611 for sending video signals from a laptop to a display using the HDMI.

For a specific application, i need to send the same signal to 5/6 displays.


1 ADV current delivery isn’t enough for this new application, so i want to put 2ADV on the same board.


So my question is : How should i connect the HDMI signals for use 2 ADV ?

Have them to be simply put in parallel ?

Or is there a chaining method to do among the ADV ? (And how have I to do the chaining ?)


I maybe have missed it, but i haven't found it anywhere in the support.

Neither in the datasheet, i saw some lines that confirm it possible to have 2 ADV on the same board but nothing about how to do it.