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ADV7625 & Blimp: "Exceeded the tbox glyph maximum limit - 256" with only 119 hardware glyphs on-screen

Question asked by JonF-MDS on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal

Hello Analog Devices,


I have a layout on-screen that has 56 characters rendered in Arial Unicode MS at 9.75pt. When Blimp starts on my target hardware, I put in some debug lines to check the content of the font's structure, it reports


verGlyphCount = 2

horGlyphCount = 1


Making me assume that the font requires two hardware glyphs (FONT) per Arial Unicode MS 9.75pt glyph (one top, one bottom). I would assume that with 57 effective characters including a space, this is 114 hardware glyphs


We also have a 16x72 TBoxImage on-screen, this occupies 5 hardware glyphs per my count.


So we have 119 of the hardware glyphs allocated, but we get this message:


ADI Log Level 4: Exceeded the tbox glyph maximum limit - 256

ADI Log Level 4: tbox glyph limit reduced below 256


And subsequently, there are rendering issues on-screen that persist for some time. Misplaced characters appear all over the layout.


I think the software is leaking glyphs.


Is my assumption regarding the number of glyphs correct? The Blimp tool in Windows does not give any kind of estimate regarding the amount of hardware glyphs a given font will occupy, so all I can do is examine the memory structure during code execution.


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