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ADUM1250 level shift on side 1 and ADE7953: I2C problems

Question asked by michelelos on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by michelelos

I followed the AN-913 using an ADUM1250 as I2C  insulator between my uC and a ADE7953.


In my project the ADE7953 is on the side 1 of the adum1250 and the uC (atmega328p) is on the side 2 with other components that are working fine and answers to the master commands.

The ADE7953 is not answering and I think this issue is caused by the level shift on the side 1 of the circuit (i see a 0.7V offset on the SDA and SCL lines respect the side 1 GND).


Since my ADE7953 have its GND floating to the 230Vac line I can't modify my circuit.

I have 1k resistors pulled-up at 3.3V on both sides (obviously I have separeted power supplies).


Do you have some suggestion on how can I correct this problem with this product?


I followed this scheme:



ADUM1250 AN-913 fig8.PNG