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AD9910 "Not Connected"

Question asked by kschilf on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by mcee

Dear ADI,


I am running a:


CentOS Host --> VirtualBox --> Win7 x64 VM


From the VM, I can select the appropriate USB connection (ADI Evaluation System) and I see a blinking green status LED on the board.  I have performed the HW mods to use the 25 MHz crystal:




R37 = 1K

C13 = 750pF

C15 = 25pF

R4 = R11 = 0




C51, C52


The AD9910 Evaluation Software Version 2.1 shows a blinking "Not Connected" message in the lower left corner.


I have tried the W2 power up sequence mentioned in an earlier post.  What is the next step?