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AD9371 Clarification

Question asked by austinsteamboat on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by Vinod

The data-sheet and website describe it as having "dual differential transmitters and dual differential receivers":


1. Does this mean that one could specify tuning for example:
Rx1 -> Frequency 1

Rx2 -> Frequency 2

Tx1 -> Frequency 3

Tx2 -> Frequency 4

so that Freq. 1 != Freq. 2 != Freq. 3 != Freq. 4?


The language makes me think that's possible, but the block diagram sure looks like a single LO GENERATOR for the receive chain and transmit chain so in reality is it only possible to do:



Rx1 -> Frequency 1

Rx2 -> Frequency 1

Tx1 -> Frequency 2

Tx2 -> Frequency 2

so that Freq. 1 != Freq. 2?


Then in that case is the AD9371 just the AD9361 with a wider instantaneous bandwidth and a trickier HDL interface? It looks awesome in either case, though!