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AD 7606 - Half of the Expected Count and Mirror Images

Question asked by mogut on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by Gnib

I am using AD7606 on my board. When I set my range to -/+ 5 V, I read 16K counts for +5 V instead of 32K. Also, when I set it to -/+10 V, I read 8K counts for +5 V instead of 16 K counts. Also, at all these readings, I also randomly get data which is shifted by 32K from the original one (see attached).


When I set the oversampling to 2 (for the first case on oversampling), I get one original image at the one fourth count of the expected one, and 3 shifted images each by 16K from each other (see attached adc2_OS2_p0p160_p4p25_sinousidal_raw).


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