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How can I check if my AD9364 board is working or not ?

Question asked by DEV$ on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by DEV$

Hi Guys,


Was working with AD9364 boards along with KC705 and an external clock.

All of a sudden the AD board stopped initializing for the projects which was found to be working earlier.

[Checked with reference design also]

So, my first doubt was on external clock that was being provided to the AD [Necessary modifications on the AD board was done, for external clock, long ago which was working fine ]; which when checked using an analyzer appears to be fine. This validated clock source.

Secondly, checked the KC705 board using BIST and found it to be working fine.

Thus, apart from AD9364, have checked all other components/parts of the hardware set-up. Funny thing is that, I have 2 AD9364's and both appears to be not working at same time ! .

Is it possible that both AD 's could go bad at the same time ??

Can I somehow check the AD boards ? Please suggest any possible way.