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Increasing frequency sweep speed of AD9914

Question asked by geetoo on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by mcee

This question is about the performance limit of AD9914.






This is my quatitive analysis of AD9914 based on its datasheet.






- External clock frequency I'm using : 3000MHz



- time base : 1/24 * 3000MHz = 8nsec  (I understand that this is the minial time required for switching a frequency to the next step.)



- sweep range : 100MHz



- Frequency step : 100KHz (1000 steps for full range step)



- The best sweep freqeuncy = 125KHz






My estimation is correct?






If yes, is there any method to increase the sweep freqeuncy keeping the sweep range and step?






Any other DDS I can try?






My target sweep freqeuncy is 500KHz.