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calibration AD9361

Question asked by pini on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2016 by rgetz


1) In TX quadrature written "It is also recommended to refresh the calibration results if the device temperature changes dramatically if the device temperature changes dramatically" what about RF DC Offset and BB DC Offset?

2)Is it possible to make calibration of TX Quadrature and RF DC Offset by driver function, to save the calibration values and after to inject them without driver function in same frequency and temperature?

because the time of calibration of them a long for me?

3)why do I need to perform RF DC offset tracking after that i make RF DC Offset calibration?

4)To Rx quadrature has only tracking and there is no regular calibration like to TX Quadrature?

5) when the state is TX in TDD the Rx Quadrature tracking need to be disable?

6)if yes, how long after that i return to RX state and operator RX Quadrature tracking the calibration complete?