Improving new ideas to ADIsimPLL || mixer-mode, no maximum limits...

Discussion created by SAndreas on May 31, 2016
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I think it would be useful to have an official wish list platform for new adaptions and ideas to improve the tool ADIsimPLL

Maybe some adaptions can be in fixed in the next version:


Improve an “advanced mode” in ADIsimPLL

I miss the feature to pass over some field limits! Whenever I change values in some fields sometimes the predetermined values are not sufficient for me.

For example editing the charge pump current.

The current value is limited by the current of the chip. In my case i use active components before going into the loop filter, so it should be possible to set up a higher current as the chips limit.

It would be awesome to exceed the maximum rate of this edit field if the user switched the tool into “advanced mode”

Another example: I want to use a pll chip which is not stored in the ADIsim library. For example the HMC702 a chip really similar to the 703 but the maximum RF frequency is higher. By using the "advanced mode" it would be possible for me to oversize the maximum frequency of the 703 to achieve the same behave of the 702.


ADIsimPLL and frequency conversion

The tool is nonviable with frequency conversions in the feedback loop

I miss the option to adjust a lower RF frequency as the VCO frequency.

I’m used to build PLLs with some Loop Mixer in the feedback. So it’s not possible for me to give the input parameter the correct RF frequency. It would be useful to get some "mixer-mode" for the PLL design.