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Calibration of AD5933

Question asked by FPS42 on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by mcee


I am pretty new in the field of Impedance measuring and just bought an AD5933 Evaluation Board.

I use the evaluation software.

My impedances are pretty high (MOhm range) so I wondered which output voltage range should I use and with which resistors should I best calibrate it.

So far I used 1,3MOhm and Multi-Point Frequency to calculate it.

The specifications say the AD5933 can measure up to 10MOhm, so how unreliable are measurements above that?


My measurements are kind of noisy, but this might be also due to the electrodes and the connection to the Impedance source/interface, which is an biological source.


Further it is not clear to me if the R1 resistor in the software corresponds to the RFB on the board or to a different resistor.